Early Pregnancy

15 Early Pregnancy Signs

Perhaps new mothers experience many of these early pregnancy signs from the first missing menstrual period. Although at that time, a pregnancy test with an over-the-counter kit might not indicate a pregnancy. This is because they detect pregnancy when urinary hCG levels are high. Which may take several days after your menstrual period is absent. But mothers still have early pregnancy symptoms of pregnancy as follows

  1. Shortness of breath You may feel tired and shortness of breath when you go up the stairs, even though you have never been before. Maybe it’s because you are pregnant The growing embryo has a need for oxygen from the mother. And symptoms like this may continue throughout the pregnancy. Especially when the baby is growing more. There will be pressure on the lungs and diaphragm of the pregnant mother as well.
  2. Chest pain or breast stuffing When Mom put on a bra on her chest this morning, she felt like a pain, tightness. It is similar to the period when there is a menstrual cycle, but it does not go away even after the due date. The mother may also notice that the breasts are slightly larger. Have a heavy feeling And the area around the nipple becomes darker The skin on the breast is thinner, visible veins are very prominent. You should wear a properly sized bra to help support weight gain. And may also wear a bra at bedtime to help alleviate that discomfort.
  3. Fatigue Moms who read before going to bed may not have switched to another page of the book before falling asleep. If the mother is exhausted, it can be caused by an increased hormonal response in her body. For many women, tiredness remains throughout the first trimester. But then it will feel better in the second trimester.
  4. Nausea Most pregnant women begin to experience nausea and vomiting. About 6 weeks pregnant, but some people will experience morning sickness since missing menstrual cycles. This can happen in the morning, day and night, and this nausea will subside when the pregnancy enters the second trimester. In the meantime, try eating foods that will alleviate the symptoms, such as bread, crackers, or ice cream nectar.
  5. Urinating often If you suddenly find yourself unable to sleep all night. By having to get up to go to the bathroom often During pregnancy, your body produces more fluid in your body. There is more blood in the circulatory system. Therefore, your mother’s bladder had to work overtime in this early stage.
  6. Headaches are the early signs of pregnancy. Including headaches Which is the result of hormonal changes In case you are definitely pregnant Using a pain reliever paracetamol is safer than aspirin when it comes to pain management.
  1. Backache Mother may have pain or pain in the lower back. If the mother normally does not have back pain before These pains can simply mean relaxation or greater flexibility of muscles and tendons. However, back pain can occur throughout pregnancy. Due to weight gain And the center of my mother’s balance has changed As a result, posture in standing, sitting or walking has also changed.

  2. Spasms in the abdomen. Are menstrual cramps or pregnant during this period is difficult to tell. But if your mother feels a lot of pain It may be that the uterus is stretched ready for the baby.
  3. Changes in appetite Mothers may crave more acidic foods. While the smell of fish often causes nausea. If the mother suddenly begins to change in appetite different from before. It could be a condition your body is suggesting that you are pregnant.
  4. Constipation and more gas in the stomach. Earlier this week Mom was able to fit in the same jeans. But just last week Mom may feel a little bloated or unable to fit the same jeans. This may be due to an increase in the hormone progesterone and affect the mother’s digestive system. Slows down There is more gas in the stomach. And may result in constipation as well
  5. Mood changes Maybe somebody is doing a little wrong. Can easily make you feel bad This may be caused by changes in hormone levels. And your mother’s body is trying to adjust to the new balance. But after this period has passed Mom’s mood will go into normal.
  6. The body temperature rises. The mother may notice an increase in body temperature. Feeling hot more easily than others That is because the body changes and uses more energy.
  1. I can smell strong. Super smell. Mothers are more sensitive to smell. Regardless of the scent, it will feel strong. Until sometimes unable to bear the smell of his own original perfume If it smells bad then it will get even worse. Some even throwing away the trash bag can make your mother almost vomit. Or going to a public toilet, it becomes even more disturbing
  2. Dizziness or fainting These are symptoms used to indicate pregnancy in movies or in dramas. But it is in reality When blood sugar is low or blood pressure drops, it can lead to dizziness and lightheadedness. Make sure mom is eating enough food and drinking enough water. Will be far from this symptom
  3. Bleeding, slight bleeding, fluttering in the early stages of pregnancy. Without having abdominal cramping pain associated with It can be a condition where the placenta divides and implants into the mother’s endometrium. Which this event can cause bleeding You should be aware of the symptoms, and if the bleeding stops, there is nothing to worry about.

However, some mothers do not have any symptoms. Some people have many symptoms. And it is on a severe level You should take care of your health during this early pregnancy signs. By eating enough food Even if you have morning sickness, you should not starve. Because it will make the symptoms worse If you have difficulty eating Eating less main meals Choose foods that are easy to eat and have a high energy intake between meals such as ice cream, nectar, soy milk or cheese for snacking, bread, etc. If your mother takes good care of her health, morning sickness will be alleviated.