5 American ways to raise kids

Many parents probably know that Raising children like an American person gives them the courage and confidence of themselves. So today we bring to you the American way of raising children to share with all parents to know. So that at least they can be adapted to fit into the culture of our home. How interesting each method will be Follow along and read it.

  1. Support what your child likes.
    American parents will give full support to what their children enjoy. Whether your child likes any activity Parents will continue to provide support and encouragement. Because they believe that every child has hidden potential. At the same time, parents do not force or tell their children what to be. Which cannot be denied at all Most Thai parents are expected and some families even compel and press on their children to be certain. Which sometimes the child does not want But continued to resist to do so in order not to disappoint his parents And that will make your child live a life as a self and not be happy in life to the full
  2. Train your child to be responsible for himself.
    American parents always realize that they cannot always be there to protect their children. Because when children grow up, they have to take care of themselves. Therefore, they train their children to be responsible for themselves since childhood. Where each person will have a duty to be responsible It starts with having your children manage to eat or dress themselves before going to school by themselves. That is why the children So the American worked part-time during school to find the tuition fees for himself.
  3. Do not forbid if the child will have a girlfriend.
    In some Thai families May forbid the child to have a girlfriend Especially during school This kind of prohibition has always resulted in the consequences of lying. Because some children can not stop having a girlfriend at all. Therefore, they often do things behind their backs without letting their parents know. While American parents have the idea of ​​not banning their children from having a boyfriend. But also helped the child choose a boyfriend However, children and girlfriend will always be in the eyes of their parents. Thus making parents aware of their children’s relationships And always ready to give advice
  4. Do family activities on the weekend.
    American parents will make it a priority for the family time. Which during the weekend The whole family will gather for various activities. Whether fishing Barbeque, etc. This time will give everyone the opportunity to exchange their own stories. Encouraging And support each other
  5. Parents have personal time for each other.
    In a year, American parents will have some personal time for themselves. Where the two will find free time to do activities together As if adding sweetness to the love of both That creates happiness and confidence for the children that their parents still love each other a lot.

Of course, each society has raised children differently. And not that any society is regarded as raising children best. Because in the end, the context of each society Would always have an influence on raising children The most important thing is the confidence of raising children in the way that parents themselves. Including paying attention to the needs of the child Try to focus on their dreams and life. By not to force or pressure him to be what he does not want. Because that is no different from indirectly destroying your own children.