5 important developments Moment that impresses me

For the mother and the baby. I want to remember the good times That the child has developed and progressed Even if it’s a small thing But to mom it’s always great

5 areas of development that we would recommend Mom to record and remember. Because after that momentous moment has passed, he cannot go back much again. My love grows up every day, always striving for new developments When you look back, those warm feelings will make you happy.

Development in body weight believe that mothers can always remember how much weight they love now. Believe me, I remember even the decimal units.

Child growth standards From birth to 1 year on average

Newborn: Weight approx. 3 kg. Height approx. 50 cm.

Baby weight development at 3 months: weight approximately 5.5 kg. Height approximately 60 cm.

6-month-old baby weight development: weight approximately 7 kg. Height approximately 67 cm.

Childhood development 1 year: weight approx 9 kg, height approx 75 cm.

The child can lift his head by himself. To the development of movement

When the sweetheart begins to nod his head The mother was so encouraged that her child would do better each day. What children love from 1 month to 1 year, months will gradually start from lifting the head. To turn and creep, sitting, crawling and walking

Head control
At birth, your baby will be very soft. And will begin to steep the neck when reaching the age of 1-2 months, then the head can be raised up to a 45 degree angle even in the prone position. At the end of the sixth month, the baby begins to stretch the neck well. Turned to look at things more clearly Because it controls the neck muscles completely

Turning and creep
When the baby reaches the age of 3 months, the head and shoulders can be raised. By using the arms to support the floor When he reaches the age of 5 months, he will raise his head – down. By bending the arms to support the ground The child may move around and wobble. When you reach the age of 6 months, your baby will turn over. And can move forward or backward

Your child will be able to sit back somewhat when his neck and head muscles are strong enough. It began to show at the age of 4 months by age 5 months will begin to sit on their own for a while. When you reach the age of 7 months, you will be able to sit by yourself. Then use your hand to explore the items that you can reach And the story of sitting will become comfortable when entering 8 months.

At 6-7 months, your baby will begin to crawl. Because the limbs and back muscles are fully strong The baby will crawl well. Change from a sitting position to crawling in 8 months. Ages 9-10 months is when the baby crawls fluently. Hands and knees work well together, can crawl smoothly and crawl away from mother and can make her tired.

During the first few weeks, you will see your baby’s reflexes like walking, that is, holding the baby so that his feet touch the ground. The baby will raise his feet to do a walking position immediately over the next 5 months if carried to stand on the ground. The baby will jerk up and down like a jump when entering the age of 8 months, the child will know how to use his arms to stand up Can island things around you And when they reach the age of 9-10 months, their children will bend their knees to sit down. And will be able to stand well Can bend or sit down easily from the age of 11 months.

I believe so much Either when the baby starts to raise his head, start crawling, start sitting up, take the first step The person next to him Probably not somebody else far It was a mother who watched the small development in his day-to-day not far away. And no matter how long time has passed Those images never faded from my mother’s heart.