caesarean sections

7 ways to care for caesarean sections Let the wound heal faster, not inflamed.

There are two methods of delivery for pregnant mothers: natural birth and caesarean section. The caesarean section is mostly used for mothers who are unable to give birth on their own. Or if any mother who wants to have a caesarean section can do it. But when having a caesarean section, you need to take good care of it with 7 ways to take care of the cesarean wound as follows:

  1. Keep the wound dry and clean.
    After the caesarean section, the doctor will cover the wound with scotch tape. You have to wait until a full week before the wound can be opened. During this period, the mother must take good care of the wound. To prevent infections that can cause inflammation there.
  2. Avoid lifting heavy objects.
    During the first 3 months, mothers should avoid lifting heavy objects. including the impact Because it will cause the wound to tear easily. It also results in slow healing of wounds and unattractive wounds.
  3. Care of scars
    When the wound begins to dry and begins to heal During this time, let mothers take care of scars by choosing a scar care cream containing vitamin E. so that the wound is smooth and does not leave any black marks
  4. Practice movement.
    One day after the caesarean section, you should try to move or move your body. Because if it doesn’t move at all, it will cause fascia. and cause the fallopian tubes to become clogged This may affect body movement in the future as well.
  5. Adjust the head of the bed to be high.
    Sleeping with your head higher than your body will help the wound on your abdomen not be too tight. It also helps to reduce the pain of wounds as well. Therefore, advise mothers to sleep with their head slightly elevated.
  6. Walk often
    Taking frequent walks after a caesarean section will help the wound heal faster. Because a caesarean section is a different method of giving birth than a natural birth, the wound heals slowly In addition, walking often can reduce the risk of blood clots in the legs.
  7. Massage the wound area.
    Massaging the wound site will encourage it to soften. But massage is recommended to massage with moisturizer and lotion because it will help soften the wound. And does not cause scars, convexity as well as a way to reduce pain at the surgical wound. But the massage should be massaged as carefully as possible. Because it may go to the wound itself.

After the caesarean section, the mother must take special care of the caesarean wound. Because if left neglected, it will cause the wound to heal slowly. And most importantly, it can cause infection easily. until it affects the wound and makes the wound more difficult to heal Therefore, mothers must pay attention and care for the wound as carefully as possible.