Many parents probably know that Raising children like an American person gives them the courage and confidence of themselves. So today we bring to you the American way of raising children to share with all parents to know. So that at least they can be adapted to fit into theRead More →

In the period of pregnancy All mothers are concerned with eating. So that the body receives complete nutrients At the same time, they must control and avoid certain foods that the pregnant person cannot eat as well. Therefore, we have compiled a list of foods and drinks that pregnant mothersRead More →

Pregnancy is special between mother and baby. It might be just 9 months, but it’s so great for a woman. Let’s look at the development of the baby in the womb. Before becoming our baby BABY. How is each month? Month 1 FertilizationThe fertilized egg is implanted in the uterineRead More →

In general, almost all mothers are made by nature to have more than enough milk for their babies. Even twin mothers can 100% breastfeed themselves. Some babies cry a lot at first, not because the breast milk is insufficient. But it could be because of the following reasons. The suctionRead More →