Before becoming BABY

Pregnancy is special between mother and baby. It might be just 9 months, but it’s so great for a woman. Let’s look at the development of the baby in the womb. Before becoming our baby BABY. How is each month?

Month 1 Fertilization
The fertilized egg is implanted in the uterine wall. The placenta and amniotic sac are formed. Begins to build the brain, spinal cord, blood vessels and heart

Month 2 Preliminary development
Babies begin to form important organs: face, elbows, fingers and toes.

Month 3 Complete organs
The baby began to suck his fingers, all organs, chin and nose clearly visible. The brain and muscles begin to work together.

Month 4 Female or male?
Babies can move more. The mother felt the baby squirming. Genitals can be seen with ultrasound.

Month 5 Recognize the outside world
The baby grows very quickly. Strong muscles Increase the development of perception in various fields Began to recognize your mother’s voice. Wake up and fall asleep for time

Month 6 Talking
The brain is growing rapidly Babies will hear mother’s heart. And reacts to the actions of the mother Parents can talk to the unborn child.

Month 7 First eyes open
I started to open my eyes And will blink when you see the light Moved around when he heard a loud noise Sometimes she struggles until her mother is shocked.

Month 8 Preparing for delivery
The body is fully grown. The lungs begin to function. Can eat amniotic fluid, can urinate, head begins to turn towards the cervix, preparing for delivery

Month 9 welcome to the world
The baby is in a position that is ready to be born. All organs are fully grown. And mother is ready to give birth at any time