Beware! 4 Risks that may arise in the mother When faced with hot weather

Usually, pregnant mothers are already very hot. This is because the amount of blood in the body increases. As a result, the body feels hotter than normal people. Also to support the growth of the baby in the womb. As a result, the blood vessels of the pregnant mother are expanding. It is part of the mother’s body to heat more than usual. Therefore, today we take out the risks that may occur to pregnant mothers when the body is exposed to hot weather to share with you. In order to be careful and avoid exposure to hot weather as much as possible.

  1. The body becomes dehydrated.
    Of course, when the body is exposed to hot weather, it inevitably leads to dehydration. As the body temperature rises The body sweats more than usual. Causing the amount of fluid in the body to decrease as well And that makes the blood more concentrated It is this condition that may stimulate the body of a pregnant mother to release oxytocin. Which may result in miscarriage that follows
  2. Has heat stroke or heat stroke.
    In very hot weather Pregnant mothers are more prone to heat stroke or heat stroke than most people. This disease will show symptoms such as heat up, thirst, fatigue, fatigue, headache, loss of appetite, hypotension. And no sweat If the pregnant mother does not receive timely treatment May make symptoms worse It can cause delirium, shock, heart arrhythmia, kidney failure, and possibly life-threatening blood clots.
  3. Having the flu provokes a miscarriage.
    Hot weather can also make pregnant mothers get flu more easily. Which is a cold during pregnancy Often have symptoms long and difficult to cure Or it may take time to recover Because the immune system in the body of the pregnant mother is reduced. And even though the flu cannot penetrate into it, the baby can become infected But if it is a very serious type of cold Would inevitably encourage miscarriages Especially in the first 3 months or sometimes it can cause premature birth in the last trimester as well.
  4. The baby is born smaller than usual.
    Of course, hot weather can easily make a mother’s mood fluctuate or frustrate. Which if the mother is more irritable Also makes a lot of sweat And that results in fatigue and loss of appetite that directly affects the fetus. Making the baby born smaller than normal

It can be seen that hot weather can have a negative effect and create various risks. To a mother who is pregnant a lot Therefore, pregnant mothers need to plan well before running out of business. Especially during hot weather Do not forget that the body temperature of the pregnant mother is already higher than the average person.