Is it really not enough milk?

In general, almost all mothers are made by nature to have more than enough milk for their babies. Even twin mothers can 100% breastfeed themselves. Some babies cry a lot at first, not because the breast milk is insufficient. But it could be because of the following reasons.

  1. The suction posture is not correct. The baby will cry because even if the milk is full of your mother’s breast. The baby sucks but doesn’t have milk.

This case can be solved by Let your baby suck properly and suck often to help stimulate milk production.

  1. My child cries for other reasons, such as being too hot, too cold, wet diapers, or want to be carried by someone. Think about that. The baby had been in a warm, dark mother’s womb for 9 months. Some babies need time to adjust. In this case the baby will eat, sleep, gain weight better, have good stool, urinate more than 6 times a day and clear color.

In this case, the problem was solved by practicing the need for the child and holding the child when he cried. Do not be afraid, stick to your hand. During the first month after the birth of your mother Father and baby both need to adjust.

On the other hand, mothers or some families think that they do not have enough milk. And then solved the problem by adding extra milk. Newborn babies, especially during the first months. There may be signs of bottle addiction. And refuse to enter the breast for several days in the body, the mother will respond by really reducing the production of milk. Because the body understands that there is no need for breast milk Milk will gradually decrease. Until finally finished

Before the mother added to the formula. I want you to consider carefully. That the baby is really not getting enough breast milk or not Is it correct to hold the breast milk?