morning sickness

New mom read it! This is the symptoms of morning sickness when pregnant.

We women all know that. The greatest moment is the transition from a lover to a mother because of the presence of a little babe. Already in the stomach According to the instinct of motherhood. knowing that I am pregnant. I will calm down. do something with greater caution. For fear of affecting the child in the stomach And one thing that new mothers will have to face is the symptoms of morning sickness.

Morning sickness that new mothers must meet

  1. Vomiting: the most popular symptom most mothers face Your mother will feel uncomfortable in your stomach and chest. Until I had to vomit If you vomit on an empty stomach It will be extremely torture. So many women have to find something to eat. So as not to empty your mouth So that you don’t feel like vomiting
  2. Dizziness: followed by headaches, dizziness, including mood swings and irritability. which are the result of hormonal changes.
  3. Sensitive nose: easily foul by odors: This symptom is caused by an unstable autonomic nervous system. Makes our noses sensitive to various odors Feels stinking of various scents easily. anything that you used to like is stinking. At the same time, I felt like some of the scents came up.
  4. Eating preferences change: something my mom used to like. When pregnant, they may not like to eat. But would want to eat things that you never liked Or have never eaten before Especially food that has a sour taste
  5. I want to sleep all the time: In addition to the body needs rest. The need for sleep all the time of the mother Also caused by higher progesterone levels Due to having to burn food for the baby Makes your mother lose energy, fatigue and want to sleep.
  6. Urinary pain: Caused by increased hormone levels. Which will be in the early stages And the period after the enlarged uterus will squeeze the bladder, causing frequent urination pain.
  7. Epigastric pain: Caused by changes in hormone levels. Loosen the muscles Until the sphincter is affected Gastric juice may flow up the esophagus. Make your mother feel a burning sensation on the epiglottis It can also be caused by a frequent cause of your mother vomiting. Especially vomiting on an empty stomach
  8. Sensitive skin: Some mothers may develop rashes and freckles on the body and face.

    morning sickness

How to cope with morning sickness

  1. Eat less often: If your mother feels food stinks. Or can’t eat Suggest to eat smaller but more frequent foods instead of pushing them into large amounts at a time.
  2. Reduce the temperature of food: from the same used to eat hot. Then switched to wait for the food temperature to cool down first Because when the food is very hot. The smell of the food will continue to increase. Which is quite severe for pregnant mothers
  3. Change the menu of food : from the same as eating rice as a staple food Some pregnant mothers who are allergic to the smell of rice may switch to bread, taro, ointment, or corn instead.

Another recommended dish for people who suffer from morning sickness is ginger juice. but must be ginger a little. Do not be spicy. Or too hot Because it will affect the womb Recommended if it is a sachet of ginger juice Mixed with apple juice with sourness and sweetness will help reduce the spiciness of the ginger juice. Make pregnant mothers reduce nausea and vomiting as well.