Newborn baby

Newborn baby care

Changing a baby’s diaper is the first lesson new mothers need to quickly get used to. In the beginning, diaper changes may be required. Because babies in the newborn will eat often and take a lot of extra frequent. Do not leave your child in the same diaper for several hours. In the beginning, there may be some congestion. But when mothers change diapers often, they will definitely become more fluent. New mothers may be concerned about how often to change diapers. When should I change it? We have some good techniques to recommend to mothers to try and apply them.

Babies usually defecate after full feeding. Should clean and change a new diaper immediately. Mothers who are busy watching their babies all the time should change diapers every 3-4 hours to keep their babies comfortable. Helps prevent rashes and bacterial infections from fermentation.

When changing a diaper for a baby is a routine that new mothers are accustomed to and can do without interruption. While changing diapers, it is also a good time for parents to communicate with their baby by making eye contact, smiling, inviting the child to talk, singing songs to them. Build a bond between parents and children. The gentle touch encourages babies to be alert and develop rapid learning.

Parents should be meticulous in choosing quality diapers to ensure good hygiene for their children. We recommend the Huggies Platinum brand of diapers, a popular model made from the softest and gentlest material Huggies. Mother tried to touch the diaper and it felt very soft and comfortable.

Huggies diapers feature ZeroFeel Technology, an ultra-light absorbent pad that is only 5 millimeters thick. But effective, absorbs up to 12 hours. 5 layers of absorbent pads, so it absorbs urine faster. Highly breathable with over 100 million vents for hours of wear. Still feel relieved and dry skin is not stuffy. It feels like I’m wearing nothing at all. Good mood during the day, sleep soundly at night. However, mothers should check periodically and change diapers in a timely manner.

Mothers can count on their babies with Huggies Platinum diapers to take the best care of their newborn’s delicate skin. There is a waterproofing sheet to prevent leakage. There are up to 9,000 small absorbing channels that lock liquids from leaking and keep the skin dry. Does not irritate baby’s skin Help prevent diaper rash problems as well.

The absorbent sheet is flexible all around. After urinating several times, the diaper was not swollen, not bulky, leaving the little one’s buttocks dry, clean and comfortable. Helps to snug and hold your baby comfortably all day and sleep soundly through the night. Not waking up and crying in the middle of the night for mom to be tired, get up and change diapers.

Bathing a newborn baby

newborn baby It won’t take long to take a shower. Parents can help bathe the baby. The first baby shower experience can be daunting. But it’s actually not that difficult. Newborn babies to 1 month have very sensitive skin. Mothers should use clean water, the temperature is not warm, not too hot, shower 1 time in the morning + wipe 1 time in the evening + wash your hair 1 time. Only 1 time per day And when the baby is older than 1 month, take a shower 2 times a day in the morning and evening + wash your hair 1 time per day only. Bathing your baby is a daily routine to keep your baby clean. Because Thailand is a hot country, babies may experience discomfort from sweating. Or a rash is easy, and when mothers bathe their children often, they begin to have aptitude. Know which position to hold your baby in the shower And how to clean the baby, do not worry

It is important that mothers should dry their navel with rubbing alcohol after each bath to prevent infection. You should look around to see if the navel is red or swollen. if in doubt You can seek advice from your veterinarian on how to keep the umbilical cord clean until it falls away naturally. This will take about 7-10 days after giving birth.

Newborn baby massage

Infant massage is a way to massage the body to feel relaxed, good mood, and help strengthen the bond between parents and the baby. and also stimulates the senses as well as the development of movement It has a positive effect on the growth of the baby as many mothers did not expect it.

The benefits of infant massage include:
• Make children feel relaxed and comfortable.
• Help strengthen the relationship and trust between mother and child.
• Help the baby fall asleep easier • Stimulate the immune system of the baby.
• Stimulates the blood circulation system to nourish the body. including the skin better
• Help the digestive system of babies to work better.
• Reduce the baby’s non-stop colic crying during 3 months.
Try a body massage to help your baby stop crying temporarily. Babies are easier to raise I don’t cry often.

Usually, hospitals will train parents on how to massage babies. We bring some good tips that are the basis of baby massage for you to try.

• Warm up the room temperature. Help your child feel relaxed and comfortable.
• Should massage during a good mood for both mother and child.
If the mother is irritable, she may massage vigorously and the baby will feel stress.
• Start massaging the legs and keep moving upwards.
• Gentle touch massage. Stimulates the development and learning of the baby.
• Do not forcefully massage the tummy and delicate areas of the baby.
• If the child has heartburn. Mother massages baby’s tummy
to alleviate the pain by gently kneading clockwise
• Use lotion, olive oil, or cold-pressed almond oil.
Apply to the area to be massaged for easy hand massage. and is beneficial to the skin of babies

Let’s try to use these methods. And moms will know that that moment is special. Massage, make eye contact, smile and talk to your baby regularly. The little ones will be in a good mood and healthy too.

Making babies stop fussing from distractions

Newborn babies often cry for unknown reasons, causing their parents to worry about how to help them. How to make your baby stop fussing starts with holding the baby with a gentle pat on the back and wrapping it in a cloth to make the baby feel warm like in the mother’s womb. Then lie down in a quiet room or turn on soft music to help you relax. make baby sleep easily Wearing a good quality diaper is another important aspect of helping your baby sleep soundly for a long time. Parents also had a good rest.