Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy Tips What to pack for hospital when you are off to have your baby

Pregnancy Tips What to pack for hospital when you are off to have your baby

Its never too early to get all the essentials you’ll need to bring to the hospital for your delivery and foy
your baby after baby is born. The good time to prepare your bag is when your pregnancy is about 36
weeks you should leave your jewelry and large amount of cash at home.
If you want to pack two bags as one for your labor and while you staying in hospital ward and the other
for your baby.

For Mum

  • Documents and Paperwork
    Your birth plan, maternity notes, A pen and Paper/notebook.
  • Cloths
    A comfortable dress or A shirt to wear during labor.
    Pyjamas or a shirt that open in the front if you planning to breastfeeding.
    A dressing gown as hospitals are typically warm.
    Warm socks.
    Plenty of comfortable underwear.
    Casual cloths including front opening for breastfeeding.
    Breastfeeding bras.
    Clothing for your trip back home ( make sure you pick the comfortable one )
  • Toiletries
    Shampoo/ Conditioner and Hair blush.
    Body wash and face washer.
    Body and face moisturizers.
    Toothbrush and toothpaste.
    A lip balm.
    Massage oil for the relax massage during the labor.
    A hair tie if you have a long hair.
    Maternity sanitary pads make sure you pick the long one and bring heaps.
    Absorbent breast pads.
  • Others
    A health cards or private health insurance card.
    Phone charger and power bank that been fully charge.
    Camera make sure it’s been fully charge.
    Snacks and drink during the labor, snacks should pick the one that give you some energy as the labor can
    take a very long time.
    Candies and gummies.
    Music, your favorite Books and Magazines to help you relax and pass the time.
    Nipple cream.
    Breast pumps.
    Pillows and Blankets.
    A plastic bag for dirty cloths.

For baby

  1. Pampers’s quantity up to 10 days.
  2. Cotton pads.
  3. Baby wash.
  4. Bottles just in case you don’t have milk straight away as well as baby milk powder.
  5. Hat or beanie.
  6. Mitten quantity 2 sets.
  7. Singlets and sleepsuits some hospitals they provide this so you should check with your hospital.
  8. Muslins wrap.
  9. Socks.
  10. Blankets.
  11. Going home outfit.
  12. Car seat make sure you install a car seat before your baby is born.

Additional pack for your partner

  1. Books or magazines for him to go through with you in the labor.
  2. Snacks and drinks.
  3. Phone chargers and power banks make sure it’s been fully charge.
  4. His cloths.
  5. Slippers.
  6. Camera and batteries.
  7. Changes for the parking.
  8. Phonebook including all family and friend’s number.

So now all your stuff is packed and ready to go to the hospital anytime with stress free.

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