neonatal jaundice

Protect your child from neonatal jaundice

when you face The neonatal jaundice!
After a minute of joy in the delivery room
Parents saw the long-awaited little face.
What a happy moment that I can’t tell. And every parent would want to take the little one.
Returning to the house to fully appreciate But when the doctor said that the child still had to stay at the hospital.
Because jaundice would cause parents to worry at the same time.
So it’s great. If parents will understand about jaundice
in order to relieve anxiety and take care of the baby properly

What is neonatal jaundice?

Jaundice is… Symptoms of a yellowish substance (medically called bilirubin)
This yellow substance To stick to different parts of the body, making the skin color or the whites of the baby’s eyes turn yellow.

Why is the child yellow?

The cause of neonatal jaundice in a baby is usually due to:

▪ Baby red blood cells are destroyed and regenerated naturally faster than adult red blood cells.
▪ The baby’s liver is not functioning properly. Therefore the yellow substance is poorly removed from the body.
▪ Infants receive relatively little breast milk during birth.

Some babies may have more neonatal jaundice than usual.

▪ Mother’s and infant’s blood groups are incompatible. causing an unusually large increase in the yellow substance
▪ There are some enzymes in red blood cells that are lower than normal.
▪ Abnormally high red blood cell concentration.
▪ Preterm infants There are lower levels of certain enzymes in the blood than in full-term babies.
▪ A previous child’s history of severe jaundice. and early age with early jaundice within 24 hours after birth. The chance that the next person will have high jaundice increases.

How is neonatal jaundice treated?

All infants with jaundice You will need to have periodic blood tests to measure the level of the yellow substance.

  1. The case of the yellow substance is not very high. Babies can excrete the yellow substance on their own without treatment.
  2. Phototherapy by using a high concentration of fluorescent lamps (neon light). (Do not use sunlight) light will help change the condition of the yellow substance to be excreted in the stool. easier to urinate
  3. If the light shines, the yellow substance has not reduced. The pediatrician will decide. should use the next method is a blood transfusion It is the removal of the blood containing lymph from the baby. and give new blood instead This method is used when the yellow substance is so high that it may harm the baby.

What kind of yellow…worrying!

Usually, about 80% of healthy, full-term babies develop jaundice by 3-4 days of age and will go away on their own. But if the baby has abnormal jaundice which is likely to happen infrequently Usually less than 1% is found with higher than normal levels of the yellow substance. If parents notice that their child has symptoms The following must be careful

▪ Quickly yellow, which is yellow that can be seen within the first 1-2 days of age.
▪ Super yellow is dark yellow. The palms and soles of the feet were clearly yellow.
▪ Long lasting jaundice, even after 7 days of age, still have jaundice.
▪ Pale stools Urine is darker than usual
▪ Yellow with other illnesses such as use, drowsiness, vomiting, and loose stools. Should immediately take the child to see a pediatrician. because of the yellow with too much May be island in the brain cells, causing brain disorders and may even be mentally retarded If not treated in time

The doctor recommended that the abnormal jaundice should be treated in the hospital until it recovered before going home. by phototherapy and blood transfusion need to be done in the hospital Therefore, it is not advisable to bring home a newborn with jaundice. and if there is a lot of yellow The doctor will examine the symptoms and treat them closely and in a timely manner. Jaundice cannot be treated clinically. should be treated in a hospital only. Because newborns need to be taken care of by a specialist pediatrician.

Doctors do not recommend

– It is not necessary for infants with jaundice to drink a lot of water. Because the water does not help eliminate the yellow substance in the baby and does not reduce the yellow body. Instead, there is a negative consequence that the baby will drink less milk. The nutrients a baby should receive in each meal will not be sufficient for their growth.
– It is not necessary to take the baby to sunlight. by taking off his shirt because it cannot eliminate abnormal jaundice need to be treated at the hospital only