Researchers confirm The intelligence of the child Obtained from my mother.

In the past, we may believe Your child’s intelligence or IQ Inherited from father and mother But this new research has confirmed that The intelligence of the child Passed purely from the mother’s jeans. No fathers mixes.

The Psychology Spot research indicates that people are born with genes called Conditioned Genes. Acts differently It depends on whether the jeans are from the father or mother. But if it is about the intelligence of the child These jeans are all passed down from the jeans of their beloved mother.

That’s because intelligence is in the x chromosome, and because women have two x or XX chromosomes, it means Children are more likely to receive intelligence from their mothers.

And even if a father can pass intelligent genes to his children as well Unfortunately, those genes don’t affect your child’s brain or intelligence at all. And will be deactivated immediately Because jeans work only when they are from the mother.

On the other hand, the genes involved in the physical Or physical development Will work only when it’s the jeans that come from the father as well.

In addition, another study was conducted by The Medical Research Council Social and Public Health Sciences Unit in the United States. Has supported this idea The research team interviewed 1,286 young people aged 14 to 22 who focused on children’s IQ, race, education, and socio-economic status. Mother’s IQ, sure enough.

However, we believe that proper parenting Family members always love each other. It can help strengthen the development of your child’s brain more than genes.

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