Solve questions for a new mother to be pregnant and have sex or not?

When starting to become a new mother Or recently pregnant Mothers Many people may be wondering that If we get pregnant like this, how do you do your homework or have sex with your husband? Is it in our stomach? Who have to sit in doubt and worry like this Because the fear that the husband What are you going to secretly have with other people? Don’t worry, ladies. Today we have a good answer to leave each other that is pregnant and can have sex?

  1. Can I have sex when pregnant?

Indeed, while pregnant, mothers can have normal sex. There will be only some periods where the diminution may occur, for example, during a new pregnancy. Because mothers will suffer from morning sickness, dizziness, and fatigue easily Another part is Very close to delivery Because your mother’s body during this period is quite heavy. Just sitting or walking is tired. STO have sex now It may be more tired than usual. In addition, having sex close to giving birth It can cause the amniotic sac that collapses around the baby or leaks until the amniotic fluid is released before labor. As a result, mothers are at risk of infection in the uterus.

Only some mothers are required to abstain from sex during most of the pregnancy, such as mothers who have had a miscarriage. Or premature birth Because it may cause repeated problems In addition, mothers with placenta praevia should absolutely refrain from having sex. Because it can induce excessive bleeding to be dangerous

  1. Is it harmful to my child when I have sex?

I want your mother to imagine that The baby in his stomach is like a rock in a water balloon and stuffed into a bottle again. And the bottle said it has a closed and fairly strong mouth. Time to have sex. Most of the husband’s genitals will only hit the mouth of the bottle. The chance that the unborn child will be harmed is very small.

  1. When the child reaches orgasm, will the child be harmed?

Although many people understand that sex while pregnant is not harmful to their children. But still worried that when it is near the climax It tends to contract the muscles. And the uterus contracted Until the child may be harmed Let me tell you that the medical information I have found is not true.

  1. Will having sex induce pain in the womb and give birth?

There is medical evidence that When a man’s genitals hit the cervix Including semen that is ejaculated while having sex can stimulate the cervix to produce a chemical called Prostra Glandin (Prostaglandins) These substances can soften the cervix and stimulate the uterus to contract, however they are not enough. Until causing the mother to be hurt in the womb for delivery Except for those who are close to giving birth, it may be in labor.

5.Will sex when pregnant make you feel like you’re not pregnant?

Have you ever noticed that While pregnant, mothers There will be swelling of the legs, facial swelling, and the vaginal area is also swollen. That is because while pregnant There will be more blood to the organs than normal, where the reproductive organs have more blood and swelling. This will make you feel more sexual faster and more. As at the breast If you touch your hand, it will be more sensitive. You can also feel that the vagina lubricates better than when you were not pregnant. Because the pregnant person will have more vaginal discharge than normal people

  1. Uh… where to start?

In the soft stomach There will be different ways and gestures Of having any sex But when the stomach grows older Please choose a way that is a little less dangerous. It is absolutely impossible to do this. The position that the husband has to lie down on his wife’s stomach Because it may suffocate and be dangerous for children The better way is Keep mom on top

A new mother probably won’t worry about it now. That having sex while pregnant Can do it like normal Without causing any harm to the baby, but only at some time And only in some cases where sex should not be had Because it may cause harm to the unborn child Or mother can Therefore comfortable Get lost