The habits of the eldest, the middleman, the small and the only

Has anyone in your family ever said you are too radical? Or have you ever wondered why being born as siblings in the same belly but have different habits If these kinds of questions come into your mind Today we have the answer for you. This theory, Alfred Adler and his team of researchers have identified that. The order in which you were born can greatly affect your personality. Let’s see how false the truth is.

The eldest or the first child
Most of the time, the eldest Tend to be gang perfectionism Influenced by parents Who fostered the prakomprakom well This makes the older children tend to have a habit of being a leader. Work diligently Want to have power or stand out over others Be honest and punctual. People who are the eldest therefore tend to take the right precedence. And achieving high

Have leadership
There is a reason
Have concern
High responsibility
Be ready to be a parent or guardian
Have good academic results, smart
Middle or second child
In raising the middle or second child Parents are more relaxed in parenting. Make him a good human relations doctor But at the same time, they are less enthusiastic or self-reliant. Because they want to be accepted by other people It often makes people who are middle children try to act according to the needs of others or make people around them. Happy to the limit If not as expected Often punish yourself or see yourself in a negative light

Have good human relations
Love of freedom
Feel like you have to fight or compete with your brothers and sisters all the time
Likes to set goals that are too high
Know how to cope with problems Make him stronger

The youngest or the youngest
The youngest and the youngest, the parents are not very serious and organized. Make the youngest Is a person who is fun, cheerful and friendly with people around Easy to get along with, warm, pleasant to associate, open, sincere, creative and charming by nature.

Being motivated by brothers and sisters
Center yourself Rather overbearing
Very sociable But at the same time, it may be irresponsible compared to children. At the same age

One child
Characteristics of one child Tends to have habits like the first or older child. Because parents will pay a lot of attention Take care of it like an egg in a rock and is the center of attention of aunt Auntie. And all relatives Therefore making children who are the only children often like to demand And tolerate little criticism and quite sensitive, but at the same time it is a person with a high responsibility.

Sometimes they may be overly indulgent or caring.
Have high self-confidence
Become a perfect guy all the time.
Likes to be self-sufficient and self-centered.
He will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals.
Have leadership
High responsibility
However, the factors that affect these characteristics It all comes from the parenting behavior of parents Family environment And the relationship of siblings with each other Which affects their personality traits The theories mentioned above are psychological analysis. Parents should keep an eye on the habits of their children. How are you doing?