Warning signs that children become spoiled by narcissistic step-parents

All parents naturally love their children. But nurturing that pampers a child that is too much Pushing your child to the center of the universe Until becoming Narcisisitic or narcissism Unconsciously Which this behavior risks harming the child Or press on other people’s areas or not? It is a question that parents should revisit for answers. Whether you qualify as a narcissistic parent or not ?


Narcissistic Personality Disorders is a type of mental disorder. Is a personality disorder Most of them are people who think they are the most important. And will always have a feeling that other people Surroundings should give him the highest priority as well. Causing parents to spoil some children that are unnatural As a catalyst for children Have low social immunity And instead made a protective armor with narcissism and was difficult to heal Which the study found that Narcissistic parents have the following effects on the growth and mental health of their children…

Effects of Parental Narcissism

  1. Become an ignorant child Not paying attention to the feelings of others Only focus on your thoughts
  2. Children will be raised in the spotlight. It is a tool to show the success of parents, not ‘people’ with hearts
  3. Children will feel very proud of what they do for themselves.
  4. Children have deep confidence in their hearts that they are created above all others. Because it is well designed with ego
  5. Children will not see their connection with other factors around them.
  6. Children like to show solo rather than work with others. And having trouble coping with failure
  7. Children are taught to focus on looks rather than feelings.
  8. The child is afraid of the reality that happens in front of him. Especially failure
  9. The child will be taught to keep a secret. To protect parents and families
  10. Children are not encouraged to develop their own senses.
  11. Children feel empty and uninspired.
  12. Children become distrustful of others.
  13. There is a problem in the emotional development of the child.
  14. There are interpersonal problems.
  15. Children become easily irritated. And try to seek love and acceptance
  16. As children grow up, they will feel that they are “not good enough”.
  17. The child will not learn the appropriate boundaries for the relationship.
  18. Focus on your interests and needs.
  19. Pursue goals that are self-beneficial
  20. Children will not learn how to take good care of their health. But there will be a risk of having to rely on others.
  21. Children will have individual problems.
  22. Special concern or hope from your parents.
  23. Children are not taught to give credit to themselves when they deserve it.
  24. The child eventually suffers from stress, depression, or anxiety levels.
  25. As children grow older, they think they are unreliable and unattractive. Because if your parents don’t love him, who will love it?
  26. Children are often felt humiliated by narcissistic parents. And will grow up with bad self-esteem
  27. Children tend to become both highly capable. Or is it a self-incendiary.

It can be said that parenting by narcissistic parents Inevitably causes the child to have emotional and mental disorders. Which has a lasting effect on children When he returns to be himself or behind the spotlight. The child becomes depressed and knows that he or she has to contend with loneliness and pain. The parents were not responsible for those mistakes.

Therefore, if the parents who are raising children as narcissistic Should change the way you talk to your children instead of making them a special child. Just say to him Parents love you Even if it is a child, it will be a normal person. With the care and advice they give in a friendly way that will make the children know and understand it well. Because the child is like a white cloth, how much we will wear the color Just put it at the appropriate age is enough.