What foods should pregnant women avoid?

In the period of pregnancy All mothers are concerned with eating. So that the body receives complete nutrients At the same time, they must control and avoid certain foods that the pregnant person cannot eat as well. Therefore, we have compiled a list of foods and drinks that pregnant mothers should avoid. Let’s have a look and see what they are.

Foods that pregnant women should avoid

Foods that have a negative effect on the body Classified as a food that the stomach should absolutely avoid. And not recommended for the average person to eat in large quantities Because it will easily adversely affect the health of the body are as follows.

  1. Food allergies, such as shrimp, nuts, etc. If you know that you are allergic to any kind Should not be eaten. Whether you are pregnant or not
  2. Spicy food can easily cause indigestion.
  3. Instant food such as canned food, instant noodles, etc., which these foods tend to contain large amounts of MSG. It can easily cause nausea, vomiting, or dizziness.
  4. Foods that contain high amounts of salt, such as high-sodium snacks or crisps. Which is at risk of preeclampsia symptoms
  5. Frozen food that is stored for a long time. May be a reservoir of bacteria
  6. Liver, because the liver contains a relatively high amount of vitamin K Which when the body that is pregnant receives excessive amounts of vitamin K May affect the unborn child Therefore, it is advisable to cook and eat in moderation.
  7. Some types of fish, such as sharks, sea bass, etc. are classified as fish that contain large amounts of mercury. It is not safe for the body of people who are pregnant.

Fruits and vegetables that pregnant women should avoid

Although fruits and vegetables are foods that are very beneficial to health. But I cannot deny that either Some fruits and vegetables are not recommended for pregnant women to eat. Because it may adversely affect the body of the mother and the unborn baby. Which fruits and vegetables that pregnant people avoid are as follows

1.Vegetables It is a vegetable that is high in purine, which is a common cause of gout in pregnant women. And that can be very dangerous for your mother.

  1. Some fruits, such as raw mangos, are hard to digest, durian are foods that cause colic and tight stomach. And sweet fruit At risk for diabetes Which is a disease that pregnant mothers are most at risk

Drinks that pregnant women should avoid

As for the drinks that pregnant women should avoid Because it may adversely affect both the mother and the unborn baby are as follows.

  1. Chinese medicine or pickled medicine It is a drink that has not been confirmed by a doctor as a drink that can nourish the body. Therefore, if a pregnant mother wants to eat a supplement Always consult a doctor first, it is safest.
  2. Self-brewed drinks Whether it’s tea, coffee or chocolate. Which of these beverages can easily cause constipation. Including caffeine that causes insomnia Resulting in the body not having enough rest
  3. Alcohol It is a drink that affects the development and organ formation of the fetus.

For a healthy body while pregnant Including for the full growth of the baby in the womb It is imperative that all mothers pay more attention to eating and drinking during the pregnancy. Even if you want to eat many foods that should be avoided, you should be patient. For the physical health of both the mother and the unborn baby And not at risk of causing any harm