What to know to pregnant women about COVID-19 Do children have an impact?

The number of people infected with COVID-19 keeps skyrocketing. Many are worried, especially pregnant mothers, and after news of pregnant stars contracted with COVID. Causing all mothers to worry about And there are many questions

The latest medical information relating to COVID-19 infection while pregnant.

Can pregnant women get infected more easily than others? And is the chance of severe symptoms greater than the average person who is infected?
Pregnant women do not have an increased chance of infection than the general population. And it does not increase the risk of developing more severe respiratory symptoms than the average person.

But if a pregnant woman has severe respiratory symptoms The chances of pregnancy complications are higher than that of ordinary pregnant women. However, the likelihood that the infected person will have severe symptoms is not much after close supervision.

If a pregnant woman infected with COVID-19 has severe symptoms that develop pneumonia. Does it increase the risk of a poor pregnancy outcome?
The report of pregnant patients with COVID-19 pneumonia showed an increased likelihood of miscarriage. And increase the chance of having an increased abdominal maternity surgery But miscarriages and caesarean sections were decided by the medical team, as pregnant women had more severe respiratory symptoms than fetal emergencies. And if no birth has happened and the treatment responds well. Pregnancy can continue There have been no reports of short-term complications in the subsequent pregnancy.

Can the SARS-CoV-2 virus pass through the placenta to infect the fetus?
Many people are wondering and worried. I must say that the information so far # It is not yet clear whether the infection can pass through the placenta to infect the fetus. There were pregnant women who gave birth while infected with their fetuses. No infection was found. But in recent times, some foreign reports suggest that inflammation or signs of infection in the placenta and placenta can be detected. And, which is concerned by many, it has been reported that infants born to pregnant women infected with the neonatal were also found to be infected. But it is only reported that it has been found. Not everyone gets infected while in the womb. Also, some of the more satisfactory were newborns infected with the reported symptoms were also reported to be infected, but the symptoms were mostly mild.

If indicated, treat COVID-19 infection with steroid drugs. Can people get pregnant or not?
Steroids can be given to pregnant women, but the drug has not been found to harm the unborn baby. Because obstetricians already give the drug to stimulate the fetal lung growth as well. However, the dose for the treatment of COVID complications and infant lung stimulation are different doses.

Can pregnant women with COVID-19 cause infants to be handicapped?
Because it is new in the past two years Therefore still unable to conclude clearly However, to date, there have been no clear reports of infant disability caused by COVID infection.

Are people infected with COVID-19 treated the same as those who are not pregnant?
As of today, the treatment approach is the same. However, according to the physiology of pregnant women and pregnancy hormones play a role in the respiratory system. Therefore, close monitoring should be performed if respiratory symptoms are present and whether the cause of pregnancy itself or a complication of the disease.

Can pregnant women x-ray the lungs, if there are indications?
Pregnant people can do a lung x-ray when there are indications that they should be done. With radiation protection in the abdominal area Do not attempt to do an x-ray if indicated, as COVID is a prone to respiratory complications. And can be tracked by doing a chest x-ray.

If I am pregnant for only 4 months, how can I monitor the health of my unborn baby?
With just 4 months of pregnancy, the health monitoring by counting the baby struggles is not possible. Attaching the abdominal harness, looking at the heartbeat graph to see if there is an irregular heartbeat pattern, is still not possible.

Therefore, monitoring the health of the fetus during this period can be done by listening to the sound of the baby’s heartbeat. And in conjunction with ultrasound to see the fetus if the sound of the heart is not clear And can monitor the growth periodically